Thank you Action Dart League (ADL) Players!! ADL was founded in 2010 with it's first season in September of that year. Together, with the support of five Northern California Operators, ADL was incredibly well received and supported by players all over Northern California. Many of the original  five operators (Action Enterprises, Dartvend, Excalibur Darts, Millennium Darts and Mr. Dartz'a) continue to be the main support today. The premise and concept behind ADL is that the league is created by players, for players. Season One led to a local league final that paid out over $30,000 to our players in our first season!! We are continually growing and excited for each new season to begin.   
Since 2013, we have had the incredible support from DARTSLIVE USA which had provided DARTSLIVE2 dart machines for each of our league finals until 2016.  Phoenix Darts have joined us in our venture and provided dart machines along with the use their league program. This sponsorship agreement has allowed ADL to continue to provide leagues with no increased player coin drop on a weekly basis, and continue to provide large payouts at the League Finals. Without this sponsorship, the cost for tournament machines would reduce player prize budgets or increase other costs. ADL and our Operators, have tremendous appreciation for DARTSLIVE USA and Phoenix Darts for what they have done for the industry of darts and for our events. 
At ADL, we want our players to be able to play darts in a fun and competitive local program. Prior to each season, we get feedback from Operators who listen to players input and at times, this feedback helps us to improve our leagues and events. It is quite simple, many of us have been darting together for many years. This league was created for all of us whether you started darting 24 years ago, or just last week. Our goal is to create an entertaining league which encourages players to grow in the sport, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow dart enthusiasts. ​

About Action Dart League (ADL)