Spring 2023 Finals League Championship Format
First in Division Teams: 
Teams winning their Division will automatically advance to the B Doubles League Championship Tournament. This will be a Double Elimination tournament.      There is no handicap in this tournament.  
This tournament will follow a Round Robin Qualifier tournament contested by the 2nd place and playoff winners from each Division within the Flight. 
The format for the B Doubles League Championship Tournament will be Best of 3 games (501/Cricket/Choice) in both Winners and Losers brackets. Teams will Flip & Diddle to determine the starting team for each match. Loser of Game 1 will start the second game. If the match goes to a 3rd game, the teams will Flip and Diddle for choice. Team winning the diddle will select to go first or choose the game.

Round Robin Qualifier (RRQ):   
From each B Doubles Divisions, 2nd place teams and advancing playoff winning teams will play in the RRQ. The format will be three games per match    (501/Cricket/Choice). There is no handicap in this tournament. 
Teams will Flip and Diddle to determine the starting team for each match. Loser of Game 1 will start the second game. If the match is tied after the second  game, the teams will Flip & Diddle again. The team winning the diddle will select to go first or choose the game.  
If the match is 2-0 after two games, the team with zero wins will automatically have choice of game or to start first.  
The number of teams advancing to the B Doubles League Championship Tournament will be announced prior to the start of the RRQ. Teams will advance  based upon: (1) Games won (2) Head to Head score. If there is a 3 way tie: (1) Head to Head scores / Matches won (2) Single game 701 (all 3 teams) Diddle to  determine shooting order – winner advances. If there is a 4 way tie: Single elimination mini tournament with all 4 teams – 1 game 701. Chart placement will be  determined by blind draw. 

B Doubles
Friday Sept 8, 2023
Round Robin Qualifier
Check-in for Round Robin begins at 8:00 AM.
Check-in closes at 8:30 AM.
Pools announced and Darts fly at 9:00 AM.  
Entry Fee is $30 per team 

The following teams have automatically qualified for the Round Robin Qualifier:

​108 Sports - Over The Line 108
Autumn Meyer / Eric Williams

108 Sports - Sui Juris
Amanda Cox / Kyle Hutchens

Airport Lounge - Monkey Punchers
Kent Arnoldy / Ron Cruz

Art’s Corner Bar - 1 Hole Off
Ashley Doyle / Matt Doyle

California Billiards - Go Hard or Go Home
Greg Kershner Jr. / Steve Battaion

Chuck’s - How Much Wood
Emily Matthews / Warren Osbourne

Coach’s Bar & Grill - It’s Jus Darts
Edward Dachtler / Melinda Rowlett

Copper Alibi - Cast Away
Jerry Wilson / Michael Legg

Copper Alibi - The Clap
Jason Konye / Ryan McCrae

Copper Alibi - Try Harder
Brandi Pasquale Barnes / Frank Pasquale

Court’s Lounge - Dropped By Pops
Frank Perez / Jonathan Perez

Court’s Lounge - Tittle G
Guillermo Mejia Jr. / Liz Tittle

Diamond Billiards - R & A Bullshots
Alvin Miller / Richard DeSantis

Donoby’s - Double Trouble
Rich Cooper / Tina Cooper Hunt

Donoby’s - Trip Tease
CJ Stambaugh / Devin Morgan

Dowers - Cowboys From Hell
Gary Cooper / Ryan Robinson / Sean Rapp

Frank’s Sports Bar - Beauty and the Beast
Kaori Thomas / Mark Thomas

Frank’s Sports Bar & Grill - Once Again It’s On
John Fitzhugh / Willene Howard

Frank’s Sports Bar & Grill - Soul Busters
Axe Furlong / Mike Lee

Frank’s Sports Bar & Grill - The Players
Ernest Blanks / Moe Edwards

Grumpy’s Tavern - We B Trippin
Don Campbell / Eric Bartlett

Hangout - Big Dart Energy
AJ Johnson / Sam Reynolds

Hangout - If He Dies, He Dies
Jessica Chastain / Mathew Walters

Ice House - 2 Guys 1 Dart
Josh Bulfinch / Ryan Johnson

Jungle Jims - Lady & the Champ
Shane Hogan / Trisha Hogan

Midway Bar & Grill - 2 Of A Kind
Dylan Gaither / Krysten Capel

Moose 1891 - Twins
Ed Farness / Ron Morris

Phat Chad’s - 2 Jabronis 3 Softtips
David Chehak / Steven Graham

Phat Chad’s - Dartaholics
Billy Dryden / Tammy Morehead

Phat Chad’s - Double Vision
Tim A Haury / Tim J Haury

Phat Chad’s - Here Comes Trouble
Debbie Drewick / Greg Fitzgerald

Phat Chad’s - Mission SLIMpossible
Jeffrey Thompson / Tristan Shubert

Phat Chad’s - Who Darted
Dakota Herrick / Owen McNeill

Salida Club - BT x 2
Bill Todd / Brandon Todd

Scoreboard - M & M Express
Michael Gallaher / Mike Himeslpach

Spare Time Lounge - Off In Church
Darren Olivarez / David Lathrop

Spare Time Lounge - SalFisch
Gary Fischer / Sal Amador

Sutter Street - One Hole In
Justin Giovannani / Scott Holladay

Sutter Street - Trippin N Trickin
Kent Williams / Nicholas Stoker

Sutter Street - Yard Dogs
Brett Holladay / James Giovannani

The Midway Utah - Shaty
Marty Lopez / Shane Knapp

VFW 1051 - Brains & Beauty
Alyssa Walker / Michael Mayer

VFW 1051 - Huff & Puff
Annie Knesek / Cody Huffman

B Doubles League Championship Tournament 
Check-in for League Championship begins at 10:30 AM
Check-in closes at 11:30 AM. 
Chart posted and Darts fly at 12:30 PM
30 minutes after Round Robin, whichever is later
$20 per team*

The following teams automatically advance to the Championship Tournament:

108 Sports - 108 Click Click Bull
Manny Alanis / Tony Miller

Airport Lounge - Salty Dogs
Phil Saltsman / Toby Hargreaves

Bankshots - Projectile Dysfunction
Brooklynn Cummings / Evan Earwood

Battered Beaver - Fire An Ice
Casey Perry / Robert Razo

Coach’s Bar & Grill - 1 Lung Low
Michael Minor / Mike Rand

Court’s Lounge - Ninja Boners
Alan Walsh / Jason Lai

Donoby’s - Low Expectations
John Bionaz / Ricky Garland

Frank’s Sports Bar & Grill - Step Up & Show Up
Lemun Lawson / Marie Jones

Grumpy’s Tavern - Seek and Destroy
Robert Cuevas / Stephen Jones

Mandango’s Sports Bar - Pour Decisions
Dustin Lavaud / Nick Calicchia

Moose 1891 - Gone Fishing
Annette Robertson / Tim Robertson

Phat Chad’s - Got It From My Momma
Jacob Thompson / Janell Thompson

Phat Chad’s - Rock & Fire
Chuck Rebello / Nick Rebello

Phat Chad’s - Team Leah
Blanca Callison / Eddie Callison

Scoreboard - Monkey Wrench
Michael Jenkins / Sally Bauer

Spare Time Lounge - Pineapple Express
Jason Zack Holzer / Jason Quilantang

Sutter Street - Darts Of Hazard
Dustin Lovelace / Jennifer Scantlen

VFW 1051 - Bulls Gone Wild
Deanna Salinas / Seth Echavarria

*Round Robin Qualifiers are not required to pay to enter the League Championship