Spring 2023 Finals League Championship Format

First in Division Teams: 
  • Teams winning their Division will automatically advance to the BB Doubles League Championship Tournament. This will be a Double Elimination tournament. There is no handicap in this tournament.  
  • This tournament will follow a Round Robin Qualifier tournament contested by the 2nd place and playoff winners from each Division within the Flight. 
  • The format for the BB Doubles League Championship Tournament will be Best of 3 games (501/Cricket/Choice) in both Winners and Losers brackets. Teams will Flip & Diddle to determine the starting team for each match. Loser of Game 1 will start the second game. If the match goes to a 3rd game, the teams will Flip and Diddle for choice. Team winning the diddle will select to go first or choose the game.

Round Robin Qualifier (RRQ):   
  • From each BB Doubles Divisions, 2nd place teams and advancing playoff winning teams will play in the RRQ. The format will be three games per match (501/Cricket/Choice). There is no handicap in this tournament. 
  • Teams will Flip and Diddle to determine the starting team for each match. Loser of Game 1 will start the second game. If the match is tied after the second game, the teams will Flip & Diddle again. The team winning the diddle will select to go first or choose the game.  
  • If the match is 2-0 after two games, the team with zero wins will automatically have choice of game or to start first.  
  • The number of teams advancing to the BB DoublesLeague Championship Tournament will be announced prior to the start of the RRQ. Teams will advance based upon: (1) Games won (2) Head to Head score. If there is a 3 way tie: (1) Head to Head scores / Matches won (2) Single game 701 (all 3 teams) Diddle to determine shooting order – winner advances. If there is a 4 way tie: Single elimination mini tournament with all 4 teams – 1 game 701. Chart placement will be determined by blind draw. 

BB Doubles
Friday, Sept. 8, 2023
Round Robin Qualifier

Check-in for Round Robin begins at 2:00 PM.
Check-in closes at 2:30 PM.
Pools announced and Darts fly at 3:30 PM.  
Entry Fee $30 per team

The following teams have automatically qualified for the Round Robin Qualifier:

​Art’s Corner Bar - Beaver Beaters
Curry Dean / Matt Doyle

Breakers - Sidewinder
Bryan Mayes / Shane Meyer

Center St Clubhouse - Adult Sup Required
Brittany Chamberlain / Preston Fuss

Club 90 - That’ll Do
Diana Jimenez / Jillian Phillips

Coaches Bar - Mud Sprockets
Aron James / Justin Hampton

Coaches Bar & Grill - Quirky
Jay Phillips / Roy Salisbury

Court’s Lounge - Beauty and the Beard
Alyssa Burell / Scott Smallin

Court’s Lounge - Cake-A-Licious
Annette Boyde / Matt Farley

Grumpy’s Tavern - Drunky & Skunky
Carlos Torres / Chris O’Leary

Grumpy’s Tavern - Men With Large Darts
Levi Fagan / Michael Pino

Grumpy’s Tavern - Target Practice
Aaron Munday / Heidi Osbourn

Katie’s Backyard - Sinister
Carol Lungberg / Ken Brinson

Katie’s Backyard - Skol Vikings
Bud Elzea / Lyssa Sutton

Katie’s Backyard - Wild Stallions
Mathew Walters / Ron Morris

Moose 1891 - Moose Heads
Dave Lane / Ed Farness

Office Bar - Fancy Yanceys
John Yancey / Rebecca Yancey

Phat Chad’s - 3 Piece and a Soda
Manuel Garcia / Tommy Coker

Phat Chad’s - A Storm Is A-Coming
Lenny Van Dam / Stormie Tribble

Phat Chad’s - Dart Knights
Armando Susbilla / Erik Gibson

Phat Chad’s - Has Rats
Andrea Guerra / Brian Vokal

Phat Chad’s - Lucky Darts
Ken Anderson / Rick Owen

Phat Chad’s - One Hole Out
Devon Dowdin / Jesus Navarette

Phat Chad’s - Rosetta Stoned
Rachel Sabourin / Todd Sabourin

Pied Piper - One More Time
Dan Damiano / Luke Lujan / Mark Lujan

Q Street Bar & Grill - Double D’s & 2 G’s
Darrell Gaither / Dylan Gaither

Round Up - In It 2 Win It
Brooke Sanchez / Hector Santiago

SilverStar Saloon - Crazy Dog People
Heather Anderson / Kyle Anderson

Spare Time Lounge - Dirt Bags
Cody Huffman / Donald Ybarreche

Spare Time Lounge - Zuniga Boys
Randy Zuniga / Richard Zuniga

Sutter Street - 2 in the Red, 1 in the Black
Jeffrey Olguin / Riley Buchmiller

Willowbrook Ale House - Pops & Kev
Bob Simonis / Kevin Simonis

BB DoublesLeague Championship Tournament 

Check-in for League Championship begins at 5:00 PM 
Check-in closes at 5:30 PM.
Chart posted and Darts fly at 7:00 PM
30 minutes after Round Robin, whichever is later
$20 per team*

The following teams automatically advance to the Championship Tournament:

1007 Club - Santa Cruz
Brandon Corona / Shannon Cullen

Center St Clubhouse - BeerViewMirrors
Michael Beaudry / Riley Whaley

Cheers Sports Bar - Can’t Get Right
Lemun Lawson / Terrence Ruffen

Coaches Bar & Grill - Got Horns?
Gary Cruz / Mark Castro

Grumpy’s Tavern - TK Titanium
Karen Sorensen / Tim Kenyon

Hangout - Cobra Kai
Cason Brinson / Jessica Chastain

Jungle Jim’s - S & M
Mike Seeba / Shane Hogan

Katie’s Backyard - Soupr x2
Andy Campbell / Sharon Pankratz

Phat Chad’s - United Airlines
Chandler Harrison Jr / Kjell Nyothsom

Ruben’s Bar & Grill - “Gramma's Attic”
Blake Honor / Ivy Calvin

Spare Time Lounge - D.O.B.
Darren Olivarez / Jason Zack Holzer

VFW 1051 - Projectile Dysfunction
Chuck Gliebe / Wilmer Amentin